jinny.jpg...Jinny, who used to ride her pony Shantih to school (surely every horsey girl's dream!) and just, you know, LEAVE IT THERE until hometime. Unbelievable. She also used to sell her horse drawings to a local shop, again tapping into every girls' fantasy. And she grew up in rural Scotland, like me. Ah, Jinny. Makes me a bit emotional just thinking about it. It wasn't stupid kids' stuff though - she got into some properly perilous scrapes, solving crimes and rescuing abused horses and so forth. Obviously looking at that picture now all I can see is an awkward looking kid posing for a photoshoot.

But who did you like? Were you a classic Nancy Drew girl? Maybe you preferred the unofficial girl detectives - Minty from Moondial, Lucy Pevensie from the Narnia stories and the girl from the Secret Garden. Did you secretly want to be George from the Famous Five a bit? Didn't we all? Dollymix needs to know.