bra1.jpg...or "storm in a DD cup" as the Metro put it. Man, I've been waiting YEARS for a headline like that, and the flamin' Metro get there first. The gist of this is that Marks and Spencers, our most trusted British institution and national favourite underwear supplier, is slapping a £2 surcharge on bras with a cup size of more than a DD.

It's damaging to their already precarious reputation (I mean did anyone ASK them to resurrect Twiggy?) and expensive to large-fronted ladies who, let's face it, probably have enough to deal with in their daily lives. On the other hand... why shouldn't bigger clothes be more expensive? They use more fabric. On the OTHER hand (I have three hands, it's how I do so much blogging) if you're going to charge more for bigger clothes, isn't it rather unfair to start with bras? If you feel outraged by this, why not join the 'Bras for justice' group on Facebook? Or, even better, comment below!