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Marks & Spencers bra charge

bra1.jpg...or "storm in a DD cup" as the Metro put it. Man, I've been waiting YEARS for a headline like that, and the flamin' Metro get there first. The gist of this is that Marks and Spencers, our most trusted British institution and national favourite underwear supplier, is slapping a £2 surcharge on bras with a cup size of more than a DD.

It's damaging to their already precarious reputation (I mean did anyone ASK them to resurrect Twiggy?) and expensive to large-fronted ladies who, let's face it, probably have enough to deal with in their daily lives. On the other hand... why shouldn't bigger clothes be more expensive? They use more fabric. On the OTHER hand (I have three hands, it's how I do so much blogging) if you're going to charge more for bigger clothes, isn't it rather unfair to start with bras? If you feel outraged by this, why not join the 'Bras for justice' group on Facebook? Or, even better, comment below!

Posted by lovemaus on July 15, 2008


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Yes, it amazing how the cost of clothes has managed to level out between size 6 and 26 all these years but the tiny amount of extra in a cup (which uses more material? A 40C or a 30DD?) causes £2 of extra work and materials...

None of which remotely deals with the fact that everyone I've ever met has had an appalling experience when getting fitted at M&S. I myself was told I was a 42B (Bravissimo fitted me as a 36DD half an hour later. Maybe M&S was trying to save me money, or maybe it was just useless).

Posted by: Alex | July 15, 2008 5:56 PM

I have seen stores charge more for larger size clothes before and to be entirely honest I don't really see why bras would not be subject to the same conditions. If a larger size is more expensive to manufacture or keep in stock their pricing practices are completely justified.

Posted by: Mew | July 15, 2008 11:00 PM

The problem is, we have more control over our clothing size than our bra size. Sure, if you lose a lot of weight you probably drop a cup size, but not to the extent of the dress sizes you'll drop. I think charging more for bigger clothes is far more understandable than charging more for a bigger bra...but I don't think either are ideal.

Also, I'm with Alex. M&S will do anything to make you believe you're a small cup size and I really don't know why. The difference between being measured there and being measured at Bravissimo / Rigby & Peller etc is insane.

Posted by: Gemma | July 16, 2008 12:20 PM

That's rubbish it's not like you can control your cup size. If you're big up top then that's it nothing but reduction surgery will fix it.

I'm with Gemma and Alex on this one, mad the mistake of getting fitted in M&S once they told me I was a 36DD went to Bravissimo the next day and I was a 32FF huge difference. My advice would be don't shop at M&S for Bras even before the surcharge.

It's not like Bras are optional for those of us above a DD.

Posted by: Elaine | July 18, 2008 11:41 PM

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