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Girl-friendly sports: naked rock-climbing, parkour, stylish roller skating

climber.jpgNot all sports lend themselves to our physiques, but climbing is great for stretchy types, and you don't have to be massively strong to do it. Or wear any clothes. Yes, everyone looks great when they're literally dangling off a cliff doing some naked rock-climbing, right? RIGHT? Photographer Dean Fidelman has made a calendar of clambering nudes. "It requires no equipment,' he explains, 'Which means climbers of all abilities can take part.' Liberating, I'm sure. Just be careful where you put those hand jams.

London-based lasses might be interested in parkour lessons which are taking place in the capital. "Parkour freerunning classes are very disciplined, similar to a martial arts class," but, like WAY COOL. Especially if you're female.

armaniskates.jpgI know it looks like a little car, but it's actually an Armani roller-skate, ladies. We've established that skating is back in a big way, and let's face it ladies OUR HOUR IS NIGH. Show me all the vintage Robin Cousins footage you like, but we know it. We've known it since roller girl glided into Boogie Nights in 1997. Skating is for girls. Always has been, always will be.

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Posted by on July 15, 2008


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