Would you still work if your husband inherited millions?


One MILLION dollars!What would you do if after years apart you suddenly ran into your old high school boyfriend, fell madly back in love with him, got married, and then found out he was worth $3million? This is the most recent odd situation to be tackled by Salon.com's house advice columnists, Cary Tennis, and I have to say, it sort of blew my mind a little. The woman who wrote to Cary explains that she recently got her masters at Cambridge and is far from being lazy, she admits that the money has completely altered her lifestyle. She says that all her and her husband do now is "watch a lot of amazing Netflix movies, drink beer and go to Obama events" but insists that they're "not bad, just lost".

While most of us lay around on drunk, lazy afternoons describing the mansions we would build if we were to ever win the lottery, can you imagine if you were to ever actually have that much money? Can you really be sure that you and your partner wouldn't become slothful couch potatoes that did nothing but watch movies and grow belly button lint?

Tennis gives the lazy millionaire an endless things she could do with her money instead of running away to Mexico to become an alcoholic, like she suggested. He even adds that while a lot of us are searching for a "way out" of our the mundane day-to-day tasks he says that he wants to realize all of the fantastic things she could do for her career with the money. What I find interesting about this whole situation, was that it really got me thinking about why women work.

If you had enough money so that you didn't have to work...would you? If you have children and you didn't have to leave during the day to work to financially support your family, would you? What if you suddenly came into a lot of money, would you give up your job and move to Mexico to drink tequila on the beach all day long?

This idea really made me wonder if some people misunderstand working mothers because they don't actually believe that they could be as passionate about their careers or their craft as they are about their family life. Why would we work if we didn't need to? We can't really enjoy our work if we now know the satisfying joy of being a mother!? How could it be that women need other stimulants besides motherhood?

Reading what Cary Tennis said to this woman really just opened my eyes to the idea that I would still work even if I didn't have to. I don't want a way out, and I certainly don't want to run away to Mexico and become an alcoholic. (OK, that's a lie...maybe just on the weekends...)

Cate Sevilla is a freelance writer in London and regular contributor to Dollymix.tv

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June 03rd, 2008, at 3:33pm

I think I would be more likely to work than stay home if I became suddenly rich. I could afford to return to college and get a degree in the field that really gets me and I could afford good childcare on my own terms.

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June 04th, 2008, at 9:45am

I'd definately quit my job if I suddenly had the money but I would use the money to study, travel, maybe start a business, I'd be doing all the things I want to do in life but I doubt I'd just bum around and do nothing, the first couple of weeks would be a novelty but then it's just be tedious.

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