Bad Gal LashWhile makeup has always been up for debate between feminists, I refuse to give up wearing it. I know I'm giving money to the big bad beauty industry and buying into how society tells women how they should look and when I first really got into feminism, I found myself apologizing to the other, better feminists I knew when they asked me why I still wore makeup. I even found myself lying about how I "hoped to get to a point one day where I stop wearing makeup"one day, as if there were something wrong with me for not wanting to give up my liquid eyeliner.

Psychologically, I know why I want to wear makeup. I understand my reasons for wanting to wear it and for not wanting to give it up. I've been asked why I care what other people think, and told how free I'll feel if only I stop giving into the patriarchy's need for women to look like perfect Barbies. And time and time again, I will tell you this: I don't give a shit.

The TImes Online give us a list of 10 clever reasons why we should stop wearing makeup. Their reasons range from "because we don't want to look like Eva Longoria" or "we look younger with out it" to the fact that apparently we're "not all out to pull boys", yet I'm still not buying it.

The fact of the matter is, I don't wear that much makeup. (You can even see what's in my makeup bag in this video I did with Zara from Kiss And Makeup.) I'm not too embarrassed to go out in public without any makeup if I have to, but I just don't like it. My skin isn't perfect and I feel more confident if I have a nice thin layer of concealer and a good couple swipes from my Benefit Playstick, and that's just how it is.

When it comes down to everyone asking if everything in my marriage is going okay because I "just look a bit rundown lately" due to the fact that I've suddenly stopped wearing makeup, or to wearing a bit of makeup every day because it makes me feel better about myself, I will happily choose the latter every time.

Makeup is fun! You can change the way you look from day to day if you so please. You can go from looking like a natural, bronzed beach bum one day, to looking like a vamped up pin-up girl the next. It's a fun way to play with how you look, and that's the part of makeup I really enjoy.

While I do agree that there are a lot of women out there who wear far too much makeup for all the wrong reasons, and who are far too dependent on their cosmetics bag - I'm not going to judge them for making the decision to cake their face with MAC day in and day out. Just as I hope other, more true feminists can stop judging me for my love of Benefit. (And stop condemning me to Bad Feminist Hell.)

Cate Sevilla is a freelance writer in London and regular contributer to Dollymix.