KY: "Yours+Mine"While those of us who are inexperienced and naive thought that you only needed one kind of lube to have a fully, um, lubricated experience in the bedroom...apparently we were wrong. KY have come up with a new way of charging us even more of our lube, as they've created a new his and hers lubricant called "Yours+Mine". Yours+Mine is designed for heterosexual couples (way to include everyone!) and apparently the boys are supposed to lube up with the blue stuff, and the girls with the purple stuff, and the combinations of the two lubricants is supposed to be "thrilling".

However, I have some concerns as not only do the tubes glow in the dark, but The LA Times reports that, "Liz Cermak, worldwide vice president, intimate health products, for the Johnson & Johnson group of consumer companies, said she could not divulge the active chemicals that go into the products nor the atomic events that occur when the two mix together." I don't know about you, but I'd sort of like to know exactly what chemicals I'm rubbing all over my goods. I'm sort of fond of them. [Source]

KY Your+Mine available from Love Honey

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