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Natalie Lue

How The Daily Mail misrepresented, lied to and mislead blogger and author Natalie Lue

Natalie Lue in Femail The fantastically feisty and incredibly audacious blogger, Natalie Lue, is best known for her successful blogs, Baggage Reclaim, Tired of Men, Bambino Goodies and her new ebook The Mr Unavailable Guide. (Not to mention her popular motherhood column right here on Dollymix!) However, after a recent "interview" in the Daily Mail's Femail, journalist Laura Topham would have you think her entire writing career was based on seeking bitter revenge on her ex finance.

In the article Don't Get Mad, Get E-venge! Natalie Lue was misrepresented, mislead, and lied to by The Daily Mail as a result of Ms.Topham's lazy - if not sleazy- journalism. Natalie Lue explains here on Dollymix what REALLY happened in her interview with The Daily Mail, and why her blogging is not based on revenge...

Here's what Natalie Lue had to say about her "interview" with the Daily Mail....

Last Wednesday morning, Laura Topham, a journo for the Daily Mail and their (anti) female section Femail, emailed me about a feature they were running on women who use the Internet to write about their ex boyfriends and relationships. I felt quite conflicted as I'm not a Daily Mail reader and didn't want to be involved in a dubious revenge story (I must be psychic...) but I also recognised that depending on what it was about, it may represent a good opportunity to promote my site.

To give you a quick bit of background, I'm Natalie, and I used to be addicted to emotionally unavailable men and assclowns and almost four years ago, I started my first blog Tired of Men after another bad date with a guy who was incredibly nice...but incredibly boring. I immediately got reactions and within a few days I also made the sour discovery that my ex fiancé whom I'd broken up with just a year earlier, had a girlfriend who was saying that they had just celebrated their year anniversary...

Of course I wrote about the experience but it represents probably less than 5% of the content on there! I wrote about anything and everything from my bad taste in dates, to smelly commuters, to a debilitating illness and my recovery!

I could have used the Internet for revenge, but instead, I became very self-aware about my destructive hand in my relationships. I have taken negative, if somewhat entertaining experiences, and used my blog Baggage Reclaim as a platform to share my experiences and insights on dating and relationships, so that I can educate women about Mr Unavailables and empowering themselves to be happier within and be involved in positive relationships. I wanted to ensure that other women didn't feel alone in this experience because it is frighteningly prevalent.

Which is why I am all the more offended by the article that has appeared in today's Daily Mail and in their Femail section.

"Don't get mad, get E-VENGE! It's the new mantra for women using the Internet to take revenge on cheating men!"

Basically, Laura asked me if I wanted to take part in the feature promising that my blog an ebook could be promoted. I asked about the tone of the article and at no point did she admit that it was about cheating or revenge. She called me back claiming that she wanted to check a couple of things. We spoke for about ten minutes before I had to dash off, and I asked "So when will the interview be?"

"Oh...that was it..." she said quietly.

I actually called her back later that day and told her that I was very taken aback by her interview methods and how she hadn't told me I was being interviewed.

"Oh...didn't I?" was her reply.

I even explained that I did NOT want to open up the paper and see a headline like "Blogger gets revenge on ex with her blog!" because that is not the purpose of the blog. She said that they would only write what I said and that it had been about empowering myself and other women and said that it wasn't a revenge piece. I also reminded her that the blog and the ebook were to be referenced as agreed.

Over the next few hours I got several emails confirming details about my blog and even asking for my boyfriend and daughters name, which I obviously declined to give. A photographer came around the following day and told me that I couldn't wear jeans because the Daily Mail likes it's women to wear skirts or dresses! I felt like I was back at my convent school being chastised by the nuns!

So you can imagine my shock at not only reading the headline and the wildly inaccurate piece, but also being lumped into an article about taking revenge on cheats! Oh purlease!

Revenge is when you name and shame, tell people that he's got a small dick or that he's impotent, or rewrite his past. It is when like the other two women, you go into their email, mess up their dating profile, or calling up the guys wife!

At least have the common decency to tell me I'm being interviewed and how you are noting the information! And to add insult to injury, at NO point was the blog or the ebook mentioned!

At least be bloody factual! The Daily Mail states I was engaged for five years instead of 14 months, that I'm a sales consultant, and that I started the blog to get revenge on my ex and for "settling scores". I didn't even say that! It even says that after I had finished "pouring scorn" on my ex fiancé that "she found herself reluctant to give up her blog".

Absolute BOLLOX!

The Daily Mail have confirmed what I have long suspected, which is that they seem to have a pathological dislike of women. That and the fact that they employ lazy journalism tactics and choose to write what they want as opposed to dabbling with the truth. Their articles love "pouring scorn" on us with digs about women's weight, weighing in with their voice of doom and judgment and lacking any sort of sisterhood in their editorial room. They don't empower women; they just try to hobble us at the frickin' knees!

I wonder who this article was written for because it surely wasn't for the sisterhood! I know that several people have commented with a counter view and highlighting the inaccuracies, yet what gets published: comments from pathetic, deluded, misogynistic men. Oh, of course! That's the target audience!

Anyone else up for never reading The Daily Mail again? As if we all needed another reason to hate them...

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Posted by on May 7, 2008


Cate, thank you for your fabulous intro into my story. The boyf and I were giggling at your description of me. Thanks to you and other bloggers, the truth is starting to come out and I intend to get my retraction and my apology. This isn't just about me - it's about the Daily Mail's overall mistreatment of bloggers and their offensive reporting about the very women that are supposed to be their audience! I am going to start adding links to the page on my blog where I have stated the Daily Mail's shocking 26!!!! inaccuracies! Yours shall be first! Big hugs and thanks again!!! xxx

Posted by: Natalie | May 9, 2008 7:58 AM

This doesn't surprise me in the least - annoying as it is. I've been misquoted in interviews a lot and I'm a fellow journalist. I'm always amazed at how they change stuff. Especially as, whenever I do an interview, I record it, transcribe it, and try really hard not to do more than trim it down to size. Though, I guess that takes a lot more time to do - and doesn't make for quite such ridiculously slanted articles!

Posted by: Shinykatie | May 9, 2008 8:48 AM

'Revenge is when you name and shame, tell people that he's got a small dick or that he's impotent, or rewrite his past. It is when like the other two women, you go into their email, mess up their dating profile, or calling up the guys wife!'

What was that you were saying about 'sisterhood' again?

Posted by: Ghostcat | May 12, 2008 3:58 PM

I'd heard about the skirts/dresses thing too, from a friend who freelanced there as a designer.

At least with blogs you can Google bomb your rebuttal. The Mail haven't quite figured that out yet.

Posted by: bowleserised | May 19, 2008 5:53 AM

Laura Topham used to write a dating column in the Evening Standard. The best thing you can say about her is that her writing is about as interesting as a tile conference in Daggenham. She is just screamingly provincial and incompetant. She used to write about all these clubs like Umbaba which weren't even cool five years ago. She just doesn't get it.

Posted by: sw1blond | June 13, 2008 1:38 PM

I found this site by accident and after reading the above thought I have discovered something for free thinking women, I scrolled back up to read the opposite side of the page to find an advert with a very attractive Arabic woman with a low cut dress showing her cleavage, the heading Talk with Single Arab Women, visit the Arab lounge tonight....not at all what I would have expected! I have no objection to dating sites I know a good few people who have met partners or had dates resulting from them but considering the nationality and they way our Sisters have to behave in the Middle east I found this a bit distasteful.

Posted by: Karen Jewitt | November 1, 2008 5:26 PM


Posted by: Hermes Bag | April 25, 2011 7:18 AM

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