Vulva Bicycle!Finnish feminist artist Mimosa Pale has made a fantastically (if not frighteningly) realistic vulva bicycle. (It even has pubic hair.) Pale feels that world is too male, and therefore rides through Helsinki three times a week with the giant vulva fitted over her bicycle taxi, offering the people of Finland to come sit in her vagina. However, the folks at Jalopnik don't really think the vulva bicyle is doing much for feminism:

"But what does "Oh my god, there goes the giant vagina bike taxi again" do to help the distaff-first movement anyway? Doesn't it just end up creating a false caricature of sorts of the feminine anatomy, seemingly inviting ridicule and toss-aside jokes from external commenters with no understanding of the real implications of the piece?"

To see the vulva bicycle in all its pink glory, make the jump!

Uncensored Vulva Bike!