Breast Feeding an 8-year-oldI missed the first time this documentary was broadcast in the UK, but after watching this clip on Jezebel, I don't think I could watch the entire thing. Extraordinary Breastfeeding features a woman named Veronica, her daughter she breastfed until she was 5, and her almost eight-year-old daughter she is still breast feeding. The relationship between her daughters and her breasts is, I'm sorry to say, worrisome and disturbing. I don't know if it's just beacuse of how sexualized women's breasts have become in society, or beacuse there's an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD CHILD BREAST FEEDING.

The girls have names for her breasts, fawn over their mother when she gets dressed in the morning, "hate" that their mother wears a bra, and draw pictures of her breasts regularly. Ironically, I'm sure this sounds like most boyfriends we've had in highschool. I know most people are probably going to be like, "Oh you're horrible! Breastfeeding is perfectly natural! It's a way of bonding with you child," but I don't care. No matter what anyone says, breastfeeding an eight-year-old girl is just weird in my book.