fosters.jpgPostcards From Yo Momma is a new blog featuring rambling, random and often funny writings by moms. We have all at some point received an email from our mom (or dad, or grandparent or elderly uncle) that left us shaking our head. I know I'm quaking in fear because my mom now has a Blackberry, which she can use at any moment to email me with "Are you OK? You haven't called! Your dad is not feeling well and the dog is napping, so I'm all alone this afternoon. Woe is me, ha! ha! Looking for your sock but no luck. Love, MOM".

(Seriously, my mother, who is a wonderful and intelligent woman, types out "ha! ha!". Forty years ago she wrote it out longhand in letters to my dad while they were dating.) Sometimes my mom even signs off from IM conversations like they are letters, e.g. "Have to go, Love you, bye, Mom."

Here is one of my favorite emails featured on Postcards From Yo Momma, just posted today:

Subject: re: Passport
"I'll try. But I got this coupon from this place called Michaels for 50% off a framing job, so I wanted to check that out. I'll try. Believe it or not, I'm busy and I'm not your hand maiden, Mr. working, blogging, greenpoint hipster, your[sic] still just my stupid little child!!!

[via Gawker]
[adorable image of Jodie Foster and her mom via Getty]