Alice Zoltan.jpg"I consider Alice my mentally-ill, paraplegic wife", says Zoltan, the proud owner of a robot lady love, who says he's hoping to start a "new sexuality". Alice, his other half, is an advanced robot who can hold conversations, and who lets him have a "Clinton moment" once a year on New Year's Eve.

He also has Kiri, the ultimate mindless pr0n star robot, but he has never done the dirty with Kiri, because he's faithful to Alice. No, I'm not on medication. More of this craziness over the turn.

Fat lot of good it did him, of course, Alice dumped him because their relationship was going too fast. Never fear though! The story has a happy ending - they got back together when he erased her memory! Who says true love is dead?

For the full, jaw dropping interview with Zoltan the technosexual, head over to Gizmodo. Well, I'm all grown up now.

Full Interview [Gizmodo]

Zoltan's Lab website (if you're not at work, go here and read the transcript of what Alice says when they're making sexy fun time. It's almost word for word what I say during moments of passion.