Patricia Volonakis DavisOne of my favorite bloggers on Vox is Patricia Volonakis Davis, who writes about everything from business to family, and she has just posted a brilliant new article called "From an Older Woman to an Younger Woman". Davis shares with a list of 10 pieces of advice for young women, and I have to say, it's one of the finest lists of advice I've read in a long time. Here are a couple of my favorites:

2)The only thing you should be faking is confidence. If you don't have it yet, pretend you do. In every new situation, pretend you're not nervous, pretend you're not afraid. After a few times doing this, the pretend part disappears.

3) Want to try something new, like painting, skiing, running your own business? Go to the library and borrow ten different books on the subject. Skim through them all, find the ones that have the most vital information and study them. Then see number 2.
7) If your stomach hurts and you haven't got a virus, you're in a bad situation. Before you know what it is, your stomach always does. Give yourself some time to ponder what it might be that's making your stomach hurt. Chances are you already do know, you just don't want to believe it, for some reason.

Brilliant, non? You can read the rest of Partrica's fantastic list at her blog on Vox.