WAG workout dvd

-Of all the people to be criticizing someone for their "face", "clothes" and "body language" the notorious Liz Jones has decided to rip apart the appearance of Cherie and Tony Blair. I can't believe how horribly Liz rips into Cherie:

"Why isn't she wearing make-up? Standing next to Tony she looks positively ghostly. She is one of those women who thinks it doesn't matter, that she is above such frivolity as a good matt base and some definition around the eyes, but it does matter.She looks as though she has put on weight, too, and seems tired and strained around the eyes."

-Apparently there is a WAGS Workout DVD out and about that will make *the* perfect gift for the young ladies in your life! The DVD declares: "The must have accessory for all girls wanting to achieve the look and style of a WAG - and who knows, they may even bag themselves a footballer in the process! With 3 cardio and toning workouts and brilliant tips from leading hair and make-up artists." Wow! Even bag yourself a footballer, huh? The best part is that the WAGs that are in the video are virtually nobodies. Love it! [The Metro]

-Speaking of WAGs desperate for money, Coleen McLoughlin is on the cover of the latest issue of Closer magazine wearing a silver dress...and a some tinsel. Yeah. She's just got a strand of tinsel thrown over her neck and apparently she'll be talking about how hard it will be to spend Christmas without her Wayne. *sniff....gag.* [The Sun]