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Cherie Blair tries to globalize women's rights

cherie_blair.jpgCherie Blair recently gave a speech under her professional name of Cherie Booth QC at Chatham House in London, and declared that "Britain and other Western nations had more to do to deliver equal pay and career opportunities to women." Amen, sister, Cherie ruffled a few feathers by saying that women's rights was a global issue, and that treating women unequally in the name of religion was simple a "distortion" of the true message of faiths such as Islam. Cherie criticized the human rights activists that say women's rights cannot be exported to the Middle East.

"Whatever their differences, all converge in their understanding of the irreducible worth of each human being. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism and all the others share profound ideas on the dignity and special worth of each individual. Women's rights were not a luxury of the rich world. None of this is a matter of convenience or economics."

[via The Metro]
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