(It's just the first two and a half minutes...)

Interesting article in the NYT about how this term for vagina has spread through popular culture like wildfire. Introduced to the public through a Grey’s Anatomy episode, the term has since been used on Opera a number of times and is popping up on blogs and website. Producer of the show explained that even though they use the word ‘penis’ on the show in several episodes, without any problems from the broadcasting standards board, ‘vagina’ got the board too riled up and the writers needed to look for an alternative. An intern suggested 'vajayjay'.

It’s easy to see why people use. It’s so cutesy-tootsy and sweet, no one can be offended by it. And I know that a lot women have trouble talking about their vaginas and that such alternatives terms apparently empowers them to discuss it more, which is all good for a limited period of time. Steven Pinker points out that nicknames for genitalia are so prolific because they always acquire a negative usage and the warm-fuzzy, puritanical feeling you once had when using it, is quickly lost.

Frankly, I would be mortified if I used vajayjay in any serious conversation unless I was talking about a celebrity who has lost the ability to pull on knickers or recounting to someone the list of stupid names people have for vagina. Children’s language or post-modern humour is what comes to mind whenever I hear the word. Its origin comes from the fact that our culture is too uptight, in all the wrong ways, to handle the public discussion of a women’s vagina, so we either make fun of it or turn it into a puppy.