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Where's the personal responsibility? Why we shouldn't be feeling sorry for Britney

britney_kid.JPGThe presenters on Loose Women are actually defending Britney Spears. I'm currently watching the show, and I can't believe that they're making excuses for her like she's "surrounded by people all the time" and "where is her family?" and "I dare anyone who has grown up in the public eye to not go off the rails a bit". Um, are you f***ing joking? Thank god for Jane McDonald for bringing up the fact that it comes down to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. All the presenters are saying over and over that they "feel sorry for Britney" and keep excusing her losing her children by saying that the poor girl "needs a hug". Excuse me while I barf.

Firstly, these women are out of their mind. If Britney really is a drug addict or alcoholic like the courts are implying, have you ever tried to "hug it out" with an addict? It doesn't work. Britney has put her family through a lot, and Jackie Brambles actually had the audacity to say that we should feel sorry for Britney because her "Mum sided with her ex husband". I'm pretty sure that Lynne Spears is trying to look out for her grandchildren, and is trying to help Kevin protect his kids.

Secondly, if we were talking about a male pop star who flashed his penis to the world on repeated occasions, drove his children in the car without a license, and was a drug addict alcoholic, I seriously doubt these women would be saying he needed a hug. They would be up in arms. "He needs to grow up and be a father!" they'd scream. They wouldn't dare say that he needed his mummy and his daddy to rally around him and help him.

This is the the other side of sexism that nobody seems to want to talk about. Women give sympathy to other women because they're mothers, or simply because they're women, despite the wrong they've done. "She's just misunderstood." Imagine if the tables were turned and it was Kevin Federline who was doing this. The guy would be burned at the stake.

Bottom line, she's currently an unfit mother. She's an adult, she's a mother, and she is responsible for her children. No matter what.

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