Kiki Curry, who has been featured in Playgirl and interviewed by Howard Stern, has invented a device to help women pee standing up called The Shenis. Yes The She-nis. Although it may look like a giant, golden, 12-inch-long dildo, it's not. It's a giant, golden, 12-inch-long tube to help women pee "on road trips", "while boating", and "even outside of bars if we want". Thank god for The Shenis. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to pee outside of my local standing up...and now it's possible.

Kiki's website cracks me up, as there's a "pissing contest" for women to send in videos of themselves using their Shenis, and even a list of "Instructions and warnings for The Shenis". My favorite bit is the warnings:

Always use your shenis in a safe place. Any location you would normally go without gettin arrested. Ladies, stay out Men's rooms. Men get threatened when approached by a woman with a dick.

Never use in a country that has a problem with women's rights. Like Afganistan.Big clue, if you can't show your face or your body, you shouln't show your shenis.