The Shenis: "It just lets us girls 'go' with the home boys!"


Kiki Curry, who has been featured in Playgirl and interviewed by Howard Stern, has invented a device to help women pee standing up called The Shenis. Yes The She-nis. Although it may look like a giant, golden, 12-inch-long dildo, it's not. It's a giant, golden, 12-inch-long tube to help women pee "on road trips", "while boating", and "even outside of bars if we want". Thank god for The Shenis. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to pee outside of my local standing up...and now it's possible.

Kiki's website cracks me up, as there's a "pissing contest" for women to send in videos of themselves using their Shenis, and even a list of "Instructions and warnings for The Shenis". My favorite bit is the warnings:

Always use your shenis in a safe place. Any location you would normally go without gettin arrested. Ladies, stay out Men's rooms. Men get threatened when approached by a woman with a dick.

Never use in a country that has a problem with women's rights. Like Afganistan.Big clue, if you can't show your face or your body, you shouln't show your shenis.

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October 01st, 2007, at 3:57pm

Only problem is that it isn't exactly portable. I mean, there have been plenty of devices like this before, but they were just the sort of unpack, unfold, and hold it up against your vadge so you can pee whilst standing. I don't exactly want to have a giant golden dick in my purse to have to knock out of the way while I'm looking for my keys...

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October 02nd, 2007, at 7:53am

Is there really that much of a desire to pee whilst standing?! I mean seriously, I'm all for equality about the important stuff but this is a total joke! A giant golden penis!!!! Personally I am not gagging to pee into a giant golden penis. It won't make me feel like a man and I don't want to. That thing gives a whole new meaning to 'golden showers' and I think that even if that thing was used in a ladies toilet, women should still keep their asses glued to the wall....

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