Jingle_Jugs_1.jpgWomen are useful many different ways. See, while they may not get paid as much as men or able to pronounce the name of their genitals correctly, we're very adaptable. For example, our breasts work perfectly as wall ornaments. Our mouths make great urinals, as do our vaginas. Our asses make brilliant sinks, and guess what!? They make great urinals, too! Really, there's not a single part of our body that wouldn't make a swell urinal.

Melissa McEwan has a fantastic post about this on Shakesville on how disembodied female parts are used as toilets, sinks, and wall ornaments all over the world. McEwan points out that the worst of these is probably the Jingle Jugs wall ornaments: "Men who get a real chuckle out of disembodied parts of a woman being mounted as though they were a trophy after a hunt in which the imaginary woman to whom these breasts belonged was stalked, killed, and dismembered. Ha ha ha!"

For more female body parts to pee in, check out these urinals in China!

[via Feministing]