kate_moss.jpgSure, I like Amy Winehouse, and while I'm not really a fan of Kate Moss, I still know far too much about her life due to my slight addiction to Perez Hilton. However, I really don't think that Amy and Kate's late night, drugged/drunken escapades are going to make young girls go, "Hey! I want to do that, too!" However, in a report written by Fiona Bowden for the campaign organization Women in Journalism (WIJ) she says, "The positive media coverage of 'celebrity' behavior involving sex, drugs and alcohol acts as an encouragement to young people."

Bowden also adds that, "Even negative coverage of celebrities, coverage saying it is dreadful that Amy Winehouse is falling out of a pub, still has an effect. The message still gets across that this is how people behave." I don't know about you, but when I drunkenly fall out of pubs, it has nothing to do with Amy Winehouse. The Broadsheet adds, "Teenagers are wrestling with all kinds of influences, but no one of these things is forcing them to become binge drinkers or drug addicts."

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