shoe.jpgCharlotte Howells has a confession to make...

As a female, it is pretty much assumed that I like nothing better than bags and shoes, and judging by the success of The Bag Lady and Shoewawa, for a lot of women, there is nothing better than bags and shoes. For me though, bags and shoes? Are just not that exciting.

Sure, I did have a period where I tottered round on heels never smaller than four inches, and didn't have a pair of trainers to my name. But after the occasion when I had to get a taxi to my car because I was no longer capable of walking there by myself (thanks to my crippling five inch courts), that was the beginning of the end...

My transformation from high heel wearer to old lady flat wearer may have come a few decades too early, but I'm happy in my stiletto-less existence. My bag is certainly lighter because of it - gone are the days when I had to carry a whole pack of plasters at all times to tackle my many blisters and sore spots.

Life without high heels also saves me money - I haven't been in Faith for months and I've got way more baggage allowance to play with. Forget taking six pair of shoes on a one week holiday, on a recent three month trip abroad, I took only three pairs of shoes - two pairs of trainers and a pair of snow boots.

Yeah, yeah, I know I should be suffering for fashion. But I did suffer, and numerous blisters and sore feet later, I've decided I like comfort better.

Charlotte Howells writes for Nollie and Kiss and Makeup. And yes, she has been told before she's a granny in a twenty-something body.