kat_vonD.jpgFor those of you who l-o-v-e-d Kat von D from Miami Ink, and cried big crocodile tears when she got fired, good news for you: apparently the hawt tattoo artist has her own little show now call LA Ink! *cheers* Kat has a (practically) all female staff, and Kindly Póg Mo Thóin says that having this "sneaky feminism" on TV is awesome: "Even better, they talk about being women in a male-dominated field, and at least one of the artists, Hannah Aitchison, talked about pin-ups being an ironic acknowledgment of women’s traditional roles that can be enjoyed because we no longer are so tightly bound to them."

The LA Ink website on The Learning Channel's main site is fantastic as well. It features all the female artists as pin-up girls, Q&As with the artists, and the staff's top ten tattoo mistakes. (Ah!)

[via The F Word]

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