I've long since been past being surprised by the latest beauty phenomenons, be it bum facials or eyelash extensions, but reading about a perfume for your privates surprised even me. It's touted as 'the erotic intimate scent of a irresistible woman', and features a lot of scantily clad women holding it to their privates, in case we missed the point the first time round. I'm not sure I'd want to scent my privates, nor that a campaign with naked women would really make me buy this product.


The ad campaign features a bevy of lovelies in compromising positions, and a rather disturbing bald headed German sniffing away lasciviously. Would you buy this? What happened to natural beauty? I guess you can now bottle intimacy as well then? You can buy it for £14.95 which seems a cheap choice to have pussy on demand, but I can't imagine it being a sell out.