3for365dotcom.jpgKeris Stainton continues our Women Who Blog series with an online gratitude journal...

I love the idea behind 3 for 365: every day, Julia writes about three good things that have happened to her that day. What I love is that it's a reminder that it's not the big, exciting things in life that make a difference, but the tiny ones, like oatmeal, shoe protector, and playing in the sand.

What made you start your blog?

I had an aha! moment on New Year's Eve. I remembered a study I had read about last year, which measured the effects of writing down three good things each day. Just like that, I decided I'd create a blog. I have no idea why blogging or positive thinking were on my mind at that moment. It was a confluence of thoughts that merged into an idea.

What was the first blog you ever read?

My friend Jason's blog, posted from South America. Way before that: my brother's photoblogs (when no one had heard of them). No surprise that these guys are early adopters in the ways of communication.

Why do you blog anonymously?

Given the public nature of the Internet, it's comforting to carve an anonymous space, even if it's shared with a world of strangers. I feel it's important for people to connect via ideas, without referring to our usual identity markers.

Do you have a favourite "good thing" that you've blogged about?

I enjoyed 'blogging' while on vacation. Having my 'blog' with me was an easy way to jot down the day, then mark the highlights. As a result, this is my first trip I have a written record of.

Now that my young nephews have moved to town, they are my favourite 'good things'.

Is it ever difficult to find three?

Never! In fact, it's been the opposite: I have trouble narrowing it down to three. Of course, I've had bad days, but – so far – I've found the upside.

Do you ever cheat? Like if one day you have more than three, do you carry one over for the next day?

Nope. That would go against the integrity of the thing. Sometimes I'll do a Bonus or play with structure to accommodate ideas I'd like to include. What you see is what you get.

What's the point of blogs?

Storytelling. Conversation.

Is blogging addictive (and, if so, should it come with a health warning)?

Maybe. Because I've defined the scope of my blog and vow to keep posts brief, I don't blog outside those limits. Yet within those limits, I imagine the possibilities, and that can be slightly addictive. Fortunately, my intention is to post every day; unfortunately, it's more time-consuming than I expected.

I'm not too keen on health warnings. I'm not sure they're effective. Every computer could come with a warning...

Has your blog had a positive effect? On you? On others?

Based on emails and comments I've received, I believe so.

Certainly it has had a positive effect on me. I was ready to look through this lens. It's more of a filter, really... Either way, it's a choice. Writing this blog hasn't changed my nature or solved my problems, but it's been a positive place I can go to every day.

Who are your blogging heroines?

So far: (1) Word Imp, for her simple and brilliant concept, (2) Karyn Bosnak for her sassy and endearing personality, and (3) Dan for his sense of humour and ability to connect (I am sure if Dan took enough hormones, he could be my heroine).

Keris co-edits Shiny Media’s fabulous women’s fiction blog, Trashionista and contributes to TV Scoop, The Bag Lady and Bridalwave. So far today she's grateful for a chocolate croissant and a picture of David Duchovny wearing just a teacup.