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TV Heroes: Deirdre Barlow

deirdre_barlow_specs_young.jpgKeris Stainton on the TV women we love...

I haven't watched Coronation Street for 18 years (since I left home) so I'm probably not the best person to write this, but Deidre had a big impact on me as a child and when I think Corrie, I think Deirdre.

There have been a lot of exciting and emotional TV moments in my life, from Who Shot JR to the final episode of Friends, but my earliest memory of a scene that left me with my heart in my mouth was from Corrie. Deidre, out one afternoon with baby Tracy in a buggy, decides to pop into the Rovers for some reason. While she's in there a lorry crashes through the front of the pub. I remember Deidre running outside, crying and screaming for Tracy while she hunted through the rubble with her bare hands.

Turned out Emily Bishop had seen Tracy sitting there and decided to take her for a walk round the block (as you do) so everything was fine, but I've never forgotten that scene.

Later there were the fights between Mike and Ken (not to mention Ray Langton). Now, Deidre was no beauty. She had the lank hair, the ridiculous glasses (this was long before the scary corded neck, but still) and yet these two men were passionate about her. I never knew why, but as a lank-haired, four-eyed girl myself, I found it rather encouraging.

I'd stopped watching by the time Deirdre married her toy boy, got sent down, released and remarried Ken, and before the toddler who escaped the truck smash failed to escape prison, so I don't know how Deidre's getting on know, but I know I really loved her back then.

For more on Deidre and more Coronation Street than you can shake a barm cake at, see our sister site, Corrieblog.

Keris co-edits Shiny Media’s fabulous women’s fiction blog, Trashionista and contributes to TV Scoop, The Bag Lady and Bridalwave. She once had a sex dream about Mike Baldwin (do you see a pattern?).

Posted by on July 3, 2007

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