hilary%20duff.JPGWoman bashing is something I usually try to steer clear of but reading Hilary Duff's Observer Woman interview made me want to open up a can of whoop ass. She starts off by reassuring us that she's not a lady of the night, but thankfully isn't a man-hating ice maiden either: "I'm not really a flirt, but I am a girl. I'm not a tramp, or a whore, but I do manipulate men when I feel like it". Phew! Thank jiminy we cleared that one up! There's a fine line between sexy and whore and god forbid you should cross it... She carries on the drivel with: "Girls bat their eyelashes, and act like they don't know anything in front of guys they like, or give a little bit of eye contact, but not too much, or a bit of touching."

Yeah because most men I know find it really attractive if you act like you don't know anything. I kind of hope Hilary has had some intensive media training that's making her sound like an asinine moron, because I shudder to think that she's actually that dumb. Why is it so essential that young women seem completely unthreatening? If your a young female in the media spotlight having an opinion is as uncool as a drug habit.

I couldn't leave you without mentioning Hilary's piece de resistance: "I'm not, like, a crazy feminist. I think women definitely need men. Like, I couldn't imagine having a girlfriend!" I can't believe she really did just say that being a feminist also makes you a lesbian. Thanks for the info Hils, I'll have to let my boyfriend know. Does this mean that we're going to have to change all our "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirts to "This is what a crazy feminist looks like"?