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Yet another case of female bloggers being attacked online for speaking their mind...

pinkboxing.jpgThe fun part about blogging and speaking your mind is that you get instant feedback. Sometimes the feedback is positive and warm and fuzzy...and other times, it slaps you across the face - hard. When the lovely Kate Smurthwaite wrote a critique of the new "chick blog", Jezebel, on The F Word, she unfortunately received a really offensive response from ENRAGED and IRATE Jezebel readers.

Kate didn't slag off Jezebel or give an unreasonable critique, she just said what she felt. She gave examples of why she didn't like it, and what she wishes they would do differently. Ya know, such as not saying things like: "You can never be subtle enough when it comes to reminding a guy where his vagina is coming from”.

We all know that when you speak your mind freely online, especially about another group of women, you're leaving yourself open to backlash. However, as discussed on Kate's Cruella Blog, the commenters on Jezebel's simple response to Kate's critique - a link and headline of "UK-based feminists hate Jezebel" - went flippin' nuts. Not only did they go nuts, but were allowed to post really offensive things about Kate, like: "Har dee har. Kate needs to get laid, that'll fix it"; "Could we get Ms. Smurthwaite a side of 'sense of humor' to go with that stick up her butt she's so clearly enjoying with gusto?". The worst of which being:

"Did someone tell you you were ugly when you were little? Did the man in your life tell you to take yourself seriously? Still mad about missing that nosejob? Or was it the frustration of noting the lack of a size 12 at the Kate Moss Top Shop sample sale?"

How nice. I mean, considering all UK feminists are "in need of a review of irony and sarcasm", it's not surprising this pissed me off. We're allowed to criticize each other. We're allowed to not like each other. We're all allowed to say what our opinion is feminism is. However, what crap that all of those offensive and disrespectful comments are allowed on Jezebel. Kate wasn't offensive, or disrespectful, and like she put it on her blog,"They complain not about my writing or my points or my angle on their website, but with personal insults, the usual you're-ugly/ you-don't-get-laid-much/ you're-fat stuff."

I guess, according to them, being "female positive" involves adding fuel to cat fights, and encouraging and promoting bitchiness...

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It seems to me that when people don't have a leg to stand on when trying to refute a point of view that they tend to fall back on the "you're ugly/your mother dresses you funny/you're fat/you need to get laid" argument. It's sad to see that often people are unable to move beyond the second grade in their response to intelligent perspective.

Not to mention the whole new wave of objectifying, denigrating so-called "feminism" makes me a little nauseous.

Posted by: kate | June 27, 2007 2:58 AM

Hey thanks Cate! Nice to know there are plenty of people out here in webspace with way cooler attitudes. Kate Smurthwaite

Posted by: Cruella | June 28, 2007 4:20 PM

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