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Who cares Maria Sharapova advanced in Wimbledon - she was wearing a swan dress!!!

mariaballet.jpgWimbledon is alive and kicking here in London, and not surprisingly, you can't escape it. (Especially if you're trying to watch Neighbors on the BBC, and get a face full of racket, instead.) However, when peeking over the shoulders of my fellow commuters this morning, instead of match results, I saw pictures of Maria Sharapova's white dress billowing in the wind, with headlines from the Daily Mail likening her to Marilyn Monroe.

Sure, she beat Taiwan's Chan Yung-Jan in a 6-1 7-5 defeat yesterday, but what the hell does that matter? She was wearing an "eye-catching outfit - a layered dress inspired by the ballet Swan Lake", according to Fox Sports. And if you'd like to read a play-by-play of the match, well, Reuters doesn't have that, but they sure give yet another fetching description of her dress:

"Sharapova has been sporting a white dress with frills on the bottom and wing-like ones down the back, the latest in a series of creative outfits the keen designer has worn on court."

How well Maria played just doesn't seem to matter. Why take the time to describe her performance in the match when there's a cute story about how the All England's Club releases a hawk first thing in the morning to scare off pigeons and -golly gee- we hope they don't mistake Maria for a real swan, tee hee. Even the photo captions of Maria completely ignore the fact that she looks pumped, athletic, and victorious, as one caption reads: "Russian star Maria Sharapova is worried the Wimbledon hawk may be attracted to her dress that has swan-like wings on the back."

Yes. I'm sure she's really scared that hawk will attack her, thinking she's bloody swan.

However, it's not like Maria hasn't exactly enjoyed the fact that she's getting attention for how she looks, as Charlotte Howells discussed in a recent column. And yes, there are actual descriptions of how Maria played, thank you The Independent, without any mention of what she was wearing. I just find it incredibly irritating that there's all this talk, yet again, about how she looks and what she's wearing, versus the fact that she just ADVANCED IN WIMBLEDON!!!

[image via Getty]

Cate Sevilla is the Editor of Dollymix.

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Posted by on June 27, 2007


this is o harsh, she has come from nothing and now ur just putting her down, i think your jelous of her, and you have no life, some of us just think bigger, than others ;)

Posted by: morgan w | June 30, 2007 5:47 AM

You're so right. I don't have a life and am just jealous of her. That is definitely the big issue here. I wish I thought "bigger" like you.

Posted by: Cate | June 30, 2007 3:57 PM

She's not putting her down! Did you even read the article morgan w?

Posted by: Erin | July 2, 2007 3:26 PM

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