Well, that was a turn up for the books. Uber-bitch Katie Hopkins quit The Apprentice last night, when it turned out that perhaps she didn't want the job quite as much as she thought. Interesting about face, from the woman who says her aim in life is apparently "to be the CEO of a large global brand by the time I'm 40".

And the reason? She suddenly remembered she had kids. In a move which has the internet awash with conspiracy theories and rumours of the retaping of boardroom scenes, Sir Alan asked her about whether she'd considered the ramifications of moving her children to London. And it turns out, she hadn't actually thought about that.

As admirable as it is to put your kids first, this decision just doesn't seem to wash. I can't comment on her parenting skills (although she doesn't scream 'maternal' in any way apart from her choice of lipstick) but she did seem both focussed and driven. It seems difficult to believe that she hadn't truly thought about what exactly happened at the end of The Apprentice. Maybe she thought she'd just win an iPod or something....

Her appearance on the follow-up show, The Apprentice: You're Fired, in a cocktail dress has prompted many people to suggest that she's going to pursue a career in the media. And what better launchpad than being the Most Hated Person on the BBC. Michelle Mone, founder of Ultimo, last night branded her a "disgrace to all business woman". That's fightin' talk where I come from.

Katie's best quotes:
- "Whenever there's an issue Kristina tries to cover her arse. It's a shame she doesn't do it a little better with the skirt she wears."
- "Kristina is a complete snake in the grass... and quite frankly, too orange to be taken seriously"
- "When your best friends are Mr Pinot and Mr Grigio, you want to watch it"
- "Adam is a small school boy in very short shorts. If he was in my school he'd be in the C-stream and I would never have to deal with him and frankly that would suit me rather well."
- "If Adam could just go back to the car sales lot and get run over my day would be just perfect."